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IDD Therapist: Part 1

Posted by wogletree on June 19, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Part I

A Department of Mental Health-credentialed IDD Therapist

• is one who has applied and met the following requirements: employment, education. Experience, and inservice. Training requirements.

• Criteria first established by State Board of Mental Health in Jan. 1997

• PCIDDT provisionally certified after July 1, 1998 must complete MR-CTOP (Mental Retardation Core Training Program)

• Is CURRENTLY employed within Mississippi’s state mental health system and provides services within that system.

• State mental health system the network of programs within the state of Mississippi which receive funding or programmatic certification from the Department of Mental Health.

o A 1997 amendment to the original 1996 state law limits these professional credentials to persons employed within the system.

• Includes: PCIDDT, CIDDT, LCIDDT (Licensed Clinical IDD Therapist)

Scope of Practice

• May include adherence to the following standards principles, methods, etc.:

o DMH Minimum Standards for Community Mental Health/Mental Retardation Services, including the following parts:

 Part II Organization and Management

 Part III Human Services

 Part IV Community IDD Services

 Other parts or sections applicable to services provided

o BMH Record guide

o Division of Medicaid’s Mississippi Provider Policy Manual for those applicable providers

o Applicable Program Manual requirements for staff of regional facilities

o Program Policies and Procedures

o Best practices within the field of service, and

o Any specifications set forth in Requests For Proposal (RFPs) for grant-funded programs

• And DMH’s ethical standards/principles

o See Handout 2

Key Points:

• Therapists should notify PLACE of changes in vital information within 14 days.

• Name change:

o Place a request for a name change

o With original certificate, and

o Legal papers verifying name change, and

o $25 to cover cost.

• With 14 days of separation from the state mental health system, a therapist must contact Place to pursue one of the following:

o Relinquish

o Inactive (must meet biennial renewal requirements; not applicable to PCIDDT)

o Extend (PCIDDT)

o Retire (may keep certificate and title but may not practice)

• All requests for change are reviewed by the PLACE Review Board and the DMH Executive Director

• Competence:

o Employment in state mental health system

o Notification of PLACE of change in vital information, esp. employment

o Operate within scope of experience and education

o Individual who holds additional professional credential must hold to all DMH ethical principles in addition to any required by other credentialing body.

o The ethical principles are not to alleviate other guidelines but are in addition to them.

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